Sunday, May 25, 2008

Packing Avoidance and Frenzy

We are preparing to hit the road, or the skies as the case may be, and true to form I've spent the past several days in denial and avoidance. I dislike packing for a trip. I mean, intensely dislike it. I love to travel, but the getting there part sucks. I hate debating over the weather, what outfits will go for what days and occasions, whether that shirt will get too wrinkled, the "will I wear this or will it sit in the suitcase for 2 weeks" ponderings, and the agonizing over whether I am taking too much (the answer to that is almost always yes).

So I slip into denial mode to avoid the whole procedure. I clean the house, because who wants to come home to a dirty home? I reason. I wander the centro storico to procure gifts and goodies to take along. I catch up on writing projects...well, that needed to be done come hell or high water anyway. Yesterday I brooked no argument when Bryan wanted to participate in the annual Cantine Aperte, because who wouldn't want to drive through the wild flower-filled fields to tiny wineries that we've never visited before? Getting lost three times over wasn't part of the plan or time scheme and I lost a lot more packing time than even I had anticipated.

Today...well, the Infiorata in Montefiore dell'Aso was something I'd been wanting to see and looking forward to for weeks. Surely there was time to fit that in, have a little lunch and come to resume the trip prep operations, right?

We leave tomorrow to drive to Roma where we'll bunk with Giorgio and Francesca, and no doubt collect another suitcase filled with family-bound gifts. It's nice to have airport shuttle service courtesy of Giorgio, thus avoiding sky-high parking fees. Tuessday we'll be airborne for 11 hours (or is it more? Heaven forbid.) We'll be back in the compagnia of family.

But not to worry...the nest of the Pinon Tree will not be abandoned. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and stored on my memory stick, so hop on by. You won't even know I'm gone.


bleeding espresso said...

I'm *so* with you on the packing. I'm even horrible at unpacking after a luggage can sit there for weeks if there are still clean clothes in it that I don't need immediately....

Buon viaggio!

Beatriz' suitcase contents said...

I also leave all the packing for the last minute, it just makes sense (in my mind) to have everything in sight until the last minute as not to forget anything. I do not get much sleep the night before traveling, that is a given.

Anonymous said...

Buon viaggio e tanti auguri per il vostro anniversario di due anni.
Sono molta inviosa di voi due perche' state facendo delle bellissime esperiense.
I hope you can stay there for as long as you would like.

Carole nel Midwest

erin said...

How beautiful is that street?!

I'm almost done packing...but what a chore, especially since we're taking it all back! Happy travels...

Valerie said...

Sognatrice, I've been known to do that, too. But usually those clothes are ready to get out and walk on their own to the lavatrice.

Beatriz, same here. No matter how prepared I am, I still get pre-trip jitters and can't sleep.

Carole, grazie mille!

Erin, it was beautiful to see how they artistically arranged the flower petals. It was for Corpus Domini. Best wishes to you...I remember how hard packing that much stuff was! Do *not* care to repeat that...for so many reasons! ;)

Anonymous said...
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