Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Open Mic Night

My first year of college was spent in Columbus, Ohio, which is where I met my husband.  We married, moved west, and I graduated from the University of New Mexico ("Everyone's a Lobo woof woof woof!") but have fond, if somewhat hazy, memories of that year living two blocks from Ohio State's party central, High Street (appropriately named for a college campus party avenue, dontcha think?) 

Anyway.  There was a low-key bar that we hung out at sometimes, a brick tavern type of place that occasionally hosted an open mic night, where they turned over the stage to whoever wanted to say something, as long as it wasn't a senseless or poisonous rant.  There were some who did poetry readings, others told jokes, or posed questions to the crowd.  It was always a fun time, and I learned stuff each time - sometimes as simple as a new punchline or something more profound, like...say, the meaning of the song American Pie.  No question was ridiculed and everyone left feeling a little high on the cameraderie that it inspired (the cheap beer didn't hurt, either).

So I'm turning the spotlight out to you sitting there in the shadows, and hosting an open mic night here at the Pinon Tree.  Throw out your questions (or your comments, your insights) and I'll answer them.  I've received lots of queries through the years, so don't let stage-fright hold you back.  (One person wrote to ask me if there are spiders in Italy.  Answer: Yes, there are.)

Are there things you've always wanted to know about living or traveling in Italy?  Anything you've been wanting to ask but was afraid to send an email?  Post your burning questions in the comments!