Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Celebrate Womanhood!

Auguri!  Today is International Women's Day, or la festa delle donne as they call it in Italy.  Unfortunately, my mom left Basilicata yesterday afternoon so we're not able to celebrate it together.  I can't find mimosa blossoms in our village; at our elevation they haven't opened yet.  They'd have snow on them anyway, as we received another dose of white last night.

Even though we can't go our for a cena speciale together, as is the tradition, I'm still dedicating Women's Day to my mamma, who made many sacrifices, worked her hiney off, and dealt with many obstacles to raise her three children on her own.  She had help and a can-do-attitude role model in her mother, of course.  I am proud to descend from some amazing woman.  So, buona festa to mamma...and to all you wonderful women reading my blog.  Auguri!

Read about the history of Women's Day in this post from a few years ago.

Read some of the Biographies of Notable Women, which offers countless examples of awesome, touching, or odds-defying women.  Famous Female Firsts is a slide-show presentation of ground-breaking gals.


Valerie said...

I'm really enjoying these posts on Festa della Donna today. Auguri!

LindyLouMac said...

A lovely tribute to your Mum. The mimosa in our locality is certainly not as advanced as normal this year.

Mama Jo said...

Grazie! Thanks for the kind words...
and the cooking lesson.. and the visits to hill towns, and Matera.. and meeting your friends..
I wish we could've been together too; but your "Italian Mama" Francesca brought Elle and I lush and lovely mimosa branches from her tree to our lunch at Osteria dell Arco in Roma. And the sun was shining!!
Our time together was special; just wish we could've spent more of it out and about, in the village, and seen more of Bryan too. Ciao.

NCN said...

I agree Valerie we do come from a long line of amazing women. I think I'm going to use the slide show with my women's group at the hospital. It will be next week but anyday is appropriate to celebrate such amazing women.

Valerie said...

Valerie - Thanks! Nice to see another Valerie around here ;)

LindyLou - They're blooming in the valley below but not up here yet. Of course, maybe no one has them planted up here. Boh.

Mama Jo - Glad Mamma Francesca doted on you and you finally got some sunshine before you left. When are you coming back??

Jenn - So true! We're blessed, huh?

Tiffany said...

I arrived to the Lake Garda area on the 8th. It was so cute to see little old ladies decked out in their Sunday best walking down the cobblestone streets on their way to local restaurants for a night out. I'm loving the area so far and I've enjoyed reading your blog. I've started one also. Even though we're in different areas, any advice or tips you have would be great! Haven't had a chance to do much traveling yet because we're still getting settled in, but I can't wait to start!

Valerie said...

Tiffany - Welcome (and belated auguri). Glad you got to see some of the fun. Piano, piano...you'll get settled and start tasting la dolce vita.