Monday, October 25, 2010

What Day Is It?

What month is it, for that matter!  Mamma mia, I can't believe how much time has past since my last post.  I've never left the nest empty for so long before.  It's not that I haven't wanted to write; it's just that I haven't had more than a few minutes to sit down and blog.  My Facebook page has been neglected as well, so please don't feel bad.

So what have I been doing?  Well...I found a job and was working late afternoons/evenings in Potenza, which I passed off to Bryan upon his arrival because in the meantime I'd picked up new freelance work.  I have made upteen trips to the hardware store, the ipermercato, and various home furnishing stores, while also making upteen trips to our bank to straighten out a glitch about transferring our account from Ascoli Piceno to Potenza.  You wouldn't think it would be so hard to transfer an account within the same nation-wide bank chain, but four visits, numerous emails and several phone calls finally got it done. 

And then there's the burocrazia.  Despite many trips to the immigration offices of the questura and the prefettura things were still hazy about how we were supposed to renew our paperwork, the very important documents that allow us to reside here legally.  Finally, with the assistance of a labor organization, we printed the paperwork and mailed it off with all the necessary photocopies that tell them we are upstanding citizens who own property here.

Our local community center asked me to organize and teach a weekly English class, so I spent a lot of time planning and initiating it, which has turned out to be a fantastic thing because I've met so many people in the process and have a great group of eager students. 

And, now that it's finally grape harvest time up here in the high hills, we spent the weekend helping friends with their vendemmia.  We spent hours in the beautiful, pastoral countryside enjoying the chatter of birds (and the chatter of our fellow harvesters), with the click-click of the clippers while tasting grapes, playing in the mud, and getting some good, honest excerise.  For our efforts, we were rewarded with three fabulous, abundant meals that left me wanting to a day of fasting today.

I'm taking notes and have stories to tell; I just need to find time.  Who knew life in a hamlet of 600 people would be so busy?


Lost in Sicily said...

Welcome back (to italy i mean!)

LindyLouMac said...

Busy, busy lady :)

Leslie said...

So happy you found work and I am so jealous! You're living the dream!!

Louise at Abbastanza Buono said...

Really glad to hear it is all working out for you. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

carol said...

We're so happy that everything is falling nicely into place for you guys. Hope Bryan is over his illness and that you're both having the time of your lives. We're headed back to Florida Thursday, but will be back in mid April.How long are you guys staying? Have a blast!!!

Joe Nance said...

I always enjoy your blog and am glad that I could subscribe for email. I've tried RSS but often forget to reader page. My all time favorite post was one you did about driving into Napoli with the falegname looking for a lock for your door. I know a couple who are building a house in Sicily (he's an architect which helps) and sent it to her. They've had similar experiences.


P.S I hope that you'll visit my blog at:

marybeth said...

ciao, bella,
complimenti! I'm glad to hear things are working out to enable you to stay in Italia.


janie said...

So happy for you and Bryan. Pleas keep us all updated when you can. Do you have internet at your house?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Congrats on the new job!

It's so great that the town asked you to teach an English class.

Your hamlet sounds lovely and very friendly.

Valerie said...

Lost in Sicily - Thanks! :)

LindyLou - Yes, but good-busy.

Leslie - Thanks. Things are moving along, thankfully.

Louise - Grazie.

Carol - So are we, hoping the momentum continues. I can't believe it's already time for you to go back!

Joe - Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. And thanks for the link!

Marybeth - Grazie. Quando vieni qua giu'?

Janie - Will do. Yes, we have internet. Couldn't survive without it! (We don't have a heating system but we have internet ;)

Ragazza - I was so thrilled that they asked; it made me feel very accepted. We *heart* this village! It's so wonderful.

marybeth said...

forse posso vederti in primavera....speriamo!

a presto,

Anonymous said...

No Facebook or blog? I think it's called living. Seems to happen in Italy!

GraceF said...

Hi Valerie,

My name is Grace and I am a senior at Arapahoe High School located in Colorado and had a couple of questions for you! You may have addressed these questions in your previous blogs but I haven’t made it all the way through them yet. I was wondering what first inspired you to move to Italy. Being a writer do you see any differences in the literature compared to other places? What do you love most about Italy? I have always been in love with Italy when I first visited years ago, so I was wondering if you had any tips for a college bond student wanting to study abroad. I speak little Italian, so do you think I will be able to survive? Where are the best places to visit?

Thank you,

villa begur said...
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