Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Getting out of Dodge

You know how much I hate packing.  I love to travel but I don't like the getting there part, and I definitely don't like the packing part.  I fret about taking too much, taking too little, the possible weather fluctuations, the dressy-enough factor, the comfort factor - just don't like it! 

This time around, I'm still fretting but I'm not minding it so much, because packing means...I'm getting the Dodge out of Hell and heading for home!  That's right, next week at this time I'll be tucking myself into my own bed, in my own house in Lucanella.  Can't. Wait.  Non vedo l'ora!

No offense to you northern Viriginia readers, but this has not been the life for me.  We went from traffic jams that were caused by sheep in the road to the Capital Beltway, and the adjustment just wasn't pretty.  In fact, the adjustment just didn't happen.  Too much culture shock for a small-town girl who wants to live in her village of 600 souls.

Besides, our bureaucrats beckon; our Italian paperwork needs to be renewed.  The process is simple enough, just time consuming, so we'll be spending the remainder of the year in Basilicata.  Bryan will be coming in a few weeks.  I'll go get the house put together and start job hunting (because while it's nice to stay through the end of the year, it would be even better to just...stay!)

The pinon tree will be empty for a week or so while I'm in transition.  This little baci bird is flying home to nest in Italy!


Evey Jones said...

cara, benvenuto di nuovo, mia casa e sua casa, ci vedremo a gennaio 2011...a presto...buon viaggio!!!

barb cabot said...

Wishing you all the best. I loved visiting Basilicata this summer. I'm so happy for you. May all your dreams come true.

janie said...

How wonderful-a dream coming true!

LindyLouMac said...

Bet you cannot wait :)

marybeth said...

what great news, bella! I'm also in Italy, living in Firenze until Thanksgiving. It's my first chance to really live here, and I'm in heaven! Enjoy your new home!

tanti abbracci

Valerie said...

Evey - grazie, right back atcha!

Barb - Thanks! I didn't know you were in my Motherland! Where did you go?

Janie - So true!

LindyLou - I can't! I'm *so* ready!

Marybeth - Ciao cara! I thought you were there now! Send me your blog link again; I want to see what you've been up to! belle cose a te

marybeth said...

I have a new blog about life in Firenze...here's the address:


Louise at Abbastanza Buono said...

So glad to hear you are heading back to La Bell'Italia. Love your blog and can't wait to hear more about your life in Basilicata at your new home. My husband and I recently sold our mini farm near Lucca. We are off on 9/20 to look for another place and to spend a month in Rome. In boca al lupo.

carol said...

ciao Valerie,
buon viaggio!!! I totally know what you mean about packing. I haven't used/worn half the stuff I packed last March.....have managed with So. Much. Less.
Isn't that what it's all about?? Call me when you get here, even if there's no time for a visit. Do you still have the number?

Valerie said...

Thanks Marybeth!

Louise - Grazie. Stay tuned! Will look for your new adventures, too.

Carol - I know; that's the problem! I'll give you a buzz.

2 kids and a dog said...

Welcome back to the boot! If you pass through Rome, give us a shout!

Anonymous said...

I am so missing your blogs and hoping that it only is because you have connection problems!!! Sending blessings for your return to Italia.


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