Monday, May 10, 2010

La Cucina Rustica

Vorrei una cucina rustica.  Articulating exactly what "rustic" means can be a challenge, even in my native language.  As I told you last time, I've had a hard time finding a good point of reference as we plan out what to do to create the kind of kitchen we have envisioned.  I leave next week and I am looking forward to scurrying around the countryside in search of antique and once-upon-a-time pieces that we think would fit the age and simplicity of the apartment.  We'll wrap those pieces around new appliances.  I'm into "old" and "traditional" but even I draw the line at stoking a wood stove for cooking.

I know what I don't want.  I don't fake new-spun "old style".  I don't want gleaming white wood.  I don't want a crowded wall of closed-up cupboards.  And I don't want perfect, factory-fabricated, chemical-laden cabinetry. 

After some time cruising the webwaves for authentic rustico inspiration, I found a few photos that sort of fit in with my visions.

This one I love - all old-time charm (but no oven, which I need).  I would be so happy if I could find a stone sink like that one, though.

This one is a more "sanitized" version of the antica style above.  I like the yellow walls, which is weird because I'm normally not a fan of yellow in general.  This is way bigger than my kitchen space, though.

This one is fancier, in a manner of speaking, but I like the brick cabinet base and wood doors, which may be more practical than the curtains shown in the two previous photos.  Alas, no wood beams or ceiling brick in our casa.  There used to be, but the previous owner ripped them out!  


Barbara said...

Make sure to get plenty of outlets - and in places where YOU want them. It was our exsperience that if you told the electrician you wanted a plug, all you got was ONE outlet, so make sure he understands if you want two (or even three) outlets in the same wall plug.

carol said...

...oh, I love a stone sink!!! Any chance of a wood forno?

Valerie said...

Good advice, Barb. In our apartments the outlets were never where we needed them most!

Carol - We have a fireplace that was for cooking (still has the metal ring that held the cooking pot). We'll put a pizza oven either on the terrazzo or in the taverna (someday).

LindyLouMac said...

Your ideas are similar to the kitchen we have in our little holiday house at Marta, not sure if you will have seen the photos. We have used curtains there as they do not close in a small space and the whole look and colour scheme can be changed easily.
As for beams, they can be put back easily you know. We have recently done this ourselves in our renovation and are very pleased with the result.

Evey said...

GOOD LUCK, BUON VIAGGIO, you'll make a sweet kitchen no matter what!!

Valerie said...

LindyLou - I like the look of the curtains. If we put any doors on they'll be made from old wood, maybe a mix of the two. We'll see!

Evey - Thanks! :) It's more important what's cooking in the kitchen than the form of it all! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just a note, We love our summer home in Lucia, Italy, however our experience has been that the curtains and the items that we store behind them are in constant need of cleaning. Open a window for ventalation during the early morning/day, walla, dust and dirt from the streets and allies constantly blow in surprises during the hot summer months. Our plans to renavate have had to put on hold due the aweful economy will continue to endor.Perhaps next year!