Monday, March 22, 2010

Visual Basilicata

I know I've been talking a lot about Basilicata lately.  Only natural, since I just returned and am giddy over the place.  As I read through some of my previous posts from years past, I realize that words just don't do it all justice.  I can utilize every adjective at my disposal ,but the astounding beauty and my visceral reaction to it cannot be fully experienced through black typeface on a white page.

That's why today I'm giving you the visual experience of this place that has captured my heart.  Maybe by looking at photos, watching videos, and seeing the webcams you'll understand why I love it so!

 The whole landscape of Lucania is covered by fantastic photos and maps on this shutterbug site.

Valle dell'Agri.  An agriturismo site that put up a lovely slideshow of the seasonally-changing vistas of the Agri River valley.

Basilicata Autentica. Francis Ford Coppola describes why his ancestral region is such a great place...good enough for him to invest heavily in the reconstruction of a palazzo that will soon open as a hotel.

Basilicata in Scena.  Clever marketing video assembled by the Region of Basilicata, comparing its gems to the most important places around the world.

Matera Webcams.   I love looking at webcams, especially those that have a birdseye view onto a piazza.  Matera boasts two.  It's *almost* like being there.  Okay, not really.  You can't smell the coffee or hear the chatter and church bells, but they're fun to watch anyway, especially during the passeggiata.

One webcam is set up above Piazza Vittorio Veneto, while the other is mounted in Piazza del Sedile.  (I discovered that it is raining in Matera today, just like it is here in Virginia.)

The Anzi page on Facebook has some gorgeous photos of that hamlet (which is one of my ancestral villages), including a picture taken at a festa that happened to capture Bryan and me in the shot!

Enjoy the spectacular scenery!


Evey said...

What a great idea and visual treat, is that the agriturismo of Thelma and Louise?

Stella said...

thank you for sharing such lovely images of Basilicata! my old roommate was from Matera, and I kept meaning to visit, but never got the chance- still looking forward to going someday! :)

Miss Footloose said...

What a great post -- loved seeing Basilicata and remembering my own visit there. Matera is spectacular!

Ataru said...

A friend of mine has sugested me to visit this blog and i just love it :)

I'm from Matera and i'm proud of reading so beautiful words about my region.
Maybe it's true we can understand the beauty of what is around us only looking through the eyes of a stranger.

Ah, at 2 A.M. on sunday(italian hour) we'll pass from solar time to the daylight saving time and a group of guys is organizing a human clock as great as Piazza Vittorio Veneto.
If you wish, you can watch them by the webcam ;-)!/event.php?eid=332837707935&ref=mf

Valerie said...

Evey - Glad you enjoyed it. No, not the agriturismo of Thelma and Louise. I've emailed the name to you...along with an affidavit that you'll keep it secret ;)

Stella - Prego! Definitely worth the effort to get there. Matera is a magical place.

Miss Footloose - Ciao! It is spectacular; time for a return visit! :)

Ataru - Ciao e benevuto! It's nice to have a native Materano onboard. Your hometown is one of my favorite places on the planet. Thanks for telling me about the orologio umano; I will have to log on to the webcam and watch!

lakeviewer said...

This is auspicious! I came in from NewsfromItaly blog, because of your title.

I grew up in Venosa, in the provice of Potenza.

This is like a trip back home for me; I shall return and endulge, if you don't mind!

J.Doe said...

What pretty pictures!

Valerie said...

Lakeviewer - Welcome! I'm so glad you are enjoying your trip 'back home'. Venosa is a hidden gem. Come back anytime :)

J. - Thanks!