Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost There!

I leave tomorrow.  My suitcase is crammed full, my carry-on is ready, and last-minute snags are being ironed out (tocca ferro!) after about twenty international phone calls.  I've been invited to a birthday party the day of my arrival in Rome, and am looking forward to meeting my "brother's" fidanzata (fiance).  I'm running through mental lists hoping that I have everything I need, but at this point if it's not already in my suitcase, ain't no way it's going to fit in there now!

I'll be absent from the blog for about three weeks, but the nest will be anything but lonely.  I have some fantastic guests stopping by and a birthday bash planned, so be sure to come around and check out all the fun!

See you when I get back!

 The view from our apartment!


LindyLouMac said...

Will be thinking of you, hope it all goes well.

Valerie said...

LindyLou - Thanks!

Daniel Valentino said...

Wife found your blog and we're big fans, congrats on the apartment and we're looking forward to reading more of your travels.


d. valentino

Lost in Sicily said...

how wonderful for you...have a fantastic trip 'home'

marybeth said...

Tanti auguri, Valerie!

I'm excited for you both and eager to hear more about your new home.

Enjoy your stay in Italia!


Off To Italy said...

Wow, I will be leaving for Italy on the same day! I just packed my bags to hit the road. Best of luck with the apartment. Buon viaggio!

-- Matt

Irene of An American in Padua said...

That view is fanstastic. I hope everything works out and you can stay there leisurely in the future.