Saturday, December 19, 2009

Who Ordered the White Christmas?

We've got trouble...right here in River City.  With a capital 'T' and that rhymes with 'P' and that stands for 'Precipitation'.  In the form of snow.  Lots of it.  And we're not even in northern Ohio!  There seems to be some kind of mix up.  I am *not* the one who was dreaming of white Christmas.  Not.  Me.

The back deck; another few inches have fallen since this was taken.

It started last night, a light fluttery snowfall, and continued while we slumbered.  We awoke to a world gone white, the likes of which neither of us has seen since our Ohio childhoods.  Back then we had one-piece zip-up snowsuits that bundled us in puffy warmth.  Many years in the desert and Italy have left us without boots or snow gear.  I dug around in a box to retrieve my thick wool socks.  I located my mittens.  Not that I'll need them today; I'm parked in my recliner and will not be leaving the house.  Opening the door welcomes in a tumbling of wet white stuff.

Bryan laced up his hiking boots to go outside and shovel the sidewalk, a losing battle if ever I saw one.  Powdery snow cascaded down into his boots and accumulated around his jeans.  He came into the house looking like the abominable snowman with a stocking cap crowned with a steeple of snow.  Within thirty minutes the path he shoveled was covered anew.

It is still falling unabated, steadily, heavily.  My poor car is buried.  Poor Arnold!  He's a snow virgin.  He has never been exposed to the elements, especially winter elements like this, before. 

 That buried lump is Arnold. It's covered even more now.

I have Christmas music playing and will be firing up the oven to do some baking.  After all, there is nowhere to go.  But I'm skipping over I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.  That dream - even though it wasn't mine - has already come true.

Cardinals - in the tree and on the window


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are covered in snow. That is now why I live in California. I can't stand the white stuff anymore. However, I am off to make some biscotti. Good day for baking with or without snow. Be careful out there. Don't want you falling or sliding around!

Valerie said...

I only like snow this deep when it's the mountains and I'm about to ski in it! I baked baklava - time consuming but with no place to go it was a good day for it. I'll be careful, thanks! :)

janie said...

It looks wonderful to me, but I don't have to scrape and shovel-been there, done that for way too many years! Hope all is well.

An American in Padua said...

Yes, shovel in shifts and never let it all mount up and try to remove 12" of the white stuff at once from all surfaces, but I am sure you know the advice well from you Ohio days.

FYI, even in Tuscany it was snowing on Saturday. In Padua, we had 12"--unbelievable--and it's snowing again tonight! I have no idea what is in store for us when we wake up tomorrow.