Thursday, December 31, 2009

Buon Anno!

Can you believe it's the end of 2009 already?  As you ring in the new year, I wish you a very happy 2010.  May it be a daily adventure of simple pleasures, new discoveries, and joy. 

I'm taking snippets of the lyrics of a song by Jovanotti, Buon Anno as my new year's wishes:

Ti auguro pace risate e fatica
Trovare dei fiori nei campi d'ortica
Ti auguro viaggi in paesi lontani
Lavori da compiere con le tue mani
Frutta e panini ai tuoi sogni affamati
Semafori verdi e prudenza e coraggio

(I wish you peace, laughs, and toil)
(To find flowers in thorny fields)
(I wish you travels in far-away lands)
(Work to do with your hands)
(Fruit and bread for your starved dreams)
(Green lights and prudence and courage)

I have an annual tradition of selecting a song that will be the soundtrack for my year.  For 2010 I've chosen the beautiful strains of a song by Ascoli Piceno native (and famous composer) Giovanni Allevi, Go With The Flow - an important reminder when things don't go as planned!

Buon Anno! 

What is the soundtrack for your year?


erin :: the olive notes said...

Buon anno anche a te....una canzone bellissima (e' una promemoria buona :) a Go With The Flow!)

South of Rome said...

What a nice tradition! Hope you have a warm night!!

Valerie said...

Grazie Erin. Buon anno a voi. Hai ragione, e veramente una promemoria buona. Auguri cara.

Karen - Thanks, will definitely try to stay warm and dry. We're going to have dinner with a friend then get back home before the drunks and crazies get out on the roads!

Evey said...

I loved it, give me more, don't know music very well, such joy for a New Year!!

Valerie said...

Evey - Really? I took you for the type of artist who had music playing while creating! Buon anno, cara amica.

Anonymous said...

Neat tradition. I'm trying to think of a song to be my soundtrack.