Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Rose in Barcelona

My grandmother’s name was Rose. She had a cousin Rose, who traveled to Italy a couple years agoto meet us, accompanied by my cousin Celia. We all spent a wonderful week on the beautiful Costa del Cilento, hanging out together, cooking together, and visiting the Motherland together.

Both of these Roses were named for their aunt Rosa, who was the sister of my grandma’s mother, and who is referred to around the family as Great Aunt Rose for clarification purposes. If you think that is confusing you should try to keep track of things in my step-father’s family. His mother was named Katherine, his step-mother was named Katherine, and he has two sisters named Kathy, each dubbed for their respective mothers. Yeah, I know. You can't make this stuff up.

Cousin Rose is quite a gal. When she decided that retirement wasn't for her, she took a short-term job in Barcelona teaching English. That was twenty years ago. She is still there, living la vida loca, which keeps her a very young 85.

It also keeps her a cool 85, as you will see. Always a beauty, Rose has done some light acting work through the years. Her most recent role is in a music video...where Rose gets the guy! (You go, girl!)

Watch her whoop it up in Hasiendo el Amor. The catchy song is annoyingly redundant and gets lodged in your brain. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Anonymous said...

Too funny. One can only hope to be as energetic and full of life at 85.

As you said "Go Rose!"


janie said...

Love this! We can only hope to be like her when we are her age!

Saretta said...

The song is rather annoying, but your aunt is a winner! That's how I want to be at 85!

Valerie said...

Sheena - I know! She's definitely got energy!

Janie - Isn't she cute?

Saretta - Yes, that song is very annoying. And it gets "stuck" in your head for days, dammit!