Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day

For the first time in three years we will get to celebrate the 'giorno della indipendenza' in the company of our fellow countrymen. In our case, we are among la famiglia having a little family reunion of sorts. Not technically a reunion, I guess, since I met one cousin for the first time this weekend, and have not seen the other, my cousin Celia's dad, since I was about five years old. What fun! I have been hearing stories of my grandparents from way-back-when, and eating la cucina from the motherland, since George has been the keeper of the cavatelli maker for years.

Today we sweltered in the Atlanta sun to watch Celia complete the Peach Tree Road Race, and will be joining the ranks of millions of Americans in partaking in a barbecue this afternoon, albeit with an Italian flair (porchetta is on the menu!)

Happy 4th to you!

Need help celebrating? Here are a few ideas to put you in the spirit:

Read the Charters of Freedom which are held in our National Archives

Learn how many Americans will be having cookouts, and other fun facts from the Census Bureau.

How are you celebrating?


Giorgio Tomassetti said...

Happy 4th of July! I hope you're doing good!

Gil said...

I like your idea of a barbecue!

Valerie Fortney-Schneider said...

Ciao Giorgio! Grazie. Salutami alla tua famiglia. Si, stiamo bene ma ci manca l'Italia!

Gil - Nice, huh? It was very tasty, too!

Chef Chuck said...

Happy 4th we celebrated with family and friends, indulging in food and drink.

Valerie said...

Chef Chuck - Thanks! Glad you had a nice celebration.