Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The New View

What a week! We had rounds of dinners and get-togethers before leaving Ascoli Piceno. We packed and departed in the rain, just like when we had arrived two years ago. It was sheeting in torrents when we got to our new temporary home on the Costa del Cilento, too. There seems to be a trend of moving in the rain. Maybe there is some deep message in that, but I have not yet figured out what it is.

As I type this I am watching the sunset throw a spectacular orange blaze below high banks of clouds over the Mediterranean Sea. We are on a perch up the hillside for an unimpeded view of the nightly show.

We made a reconnaissance foray into the nearby town to get a feel for the place and figure out where the necessary stores are located. It was sunny and several degrees warmer than we expected. As we strolled down to the lungomare the sea was rough but not angry, smacking playfully at the break-wall and tossing up great swirls of effervescent froth.

The place is enormous so we have closed off the entire upper floor. We are getting settled in and figuring out what projects need tending to first. But we made it here safe and sound and think we'll somehow manage to enjoy the area and views for the next couple of months.


Beatriz Macias said...

In Colombia rain is usually good luck. Wishing you great times at your new home.

Megan in Liguria said...

Looks like you will be enjoying a really nice 2nd-half of the winter. Wishing you the best there - M:)

Valerie said...

Beatriz - Really? That is good to know! In New Mexico rain is always a blessing because it is so infrequent. Here it has been raining so much without a break that I was getting pretty depressed.

Megan - Thanks! It seems spring has arrived here. When we went out today I saw some mimosa trees in full bloom and a few almond trees blossoming. I am basking in the warm sunshine!

Last night after I posted this the sky was so orange and gorgeous that I went out on the terrace where I saw boats coming back into harbor, the intermittent flash from a lighthouse, a sliver of moon with Venus blinking above it. WOW!

carol&bill said...

Hi Valerie, I think you're going to love living along the coast. Can't wait to read your reactions to the people, climate etc. Enjoy! Wish it was us :)

carol and bill said...

dunno why the my name does that. from now on I'll just spell it out
carol and bill (hope that works)

janie said...

Glad that you arrived safe and sound. What an incredible view! I'm sure this will be a wonderful experience for you and I look forward to hearing more about the area. Have fun.