Sunday, December 21, 2008

Random Christmas Thoughts

Over the past year I 've seen a meme going around titled Seven Random Thoughts. I have lots of those...random, seemingly senseless thoughts that pop into my head. But then I had an actual idea (!) - which probably has already been done, but what the heck. Since it is Christmas time, I am listing Seven Random Christmas Thoughts. Feel free to play along!

1. We are going to festoon our friends' house in Rome with luminarias, the traditional New Mexican Christmas Eve splash and wonder. But we'll call them by the Northern New Mexico name of farolitos, since "luminarie" in Italian is used to signify twinkle lights.

2. I miss decorating a Christmas tree. I have a huge collection of ornaments, no two alike and each one special in its own way. I left them in Ohio, where maybe my sister is using them to adorn her tree.

3. When I was a kid, we always went to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. I liked the candlelight and the smell of incense, but could never stay awake through the whole thing.

4. My brother, sister and I would wake up at the first crack of daylight and troll downstairs to scope out the gifts. We were allowed to open our stockings, but nothing else, and woe unto the one who woke up Mom before 7:30 a.m., especially if coffee had not yet been brewed for her.

5. Bryan made breakfast of Eggs Benedict every Christmas morning, until we moved to Italy. No Candadian bacon, no English muffins.

6. The Christmas fiera here is one full day of unbridled consumerism filling half the centro storico and the main piazzas with booths where vendors sell crafts, kitch, and some pretty cool stuff that they demonstrate right out there with mobile kitchens and microphones strapped onto their heads.

7. I hate the song Silent Night. Hate it! Maybe because we had to sing it repeatedly during my Catholic school years, but I think it's insipid. Besides, Bethlehem was packed to the gills with no room at the inn. No stinkin' way it was a silent or calm night around there!

What about you? Had any random thoughts lately?


Geek girl said...

1. I prefer white lights for the Christmas tree instead of color.
2. A white Christmas is better than a white Easter.
3. I really miss cutting down the Christmas tree up in the mountains in New Mexico. It was so much fun.
4. A Christmas Story is a must see this time of year. "You're gonna shoot your eye out."
5. I really like midnight mass on Christmas eve and as a kid we got to open one present when we got home.
6. I miss walking around all the luminarias in Old Town Albuquerque.
7. I have to place the bell ornaments on my tree strategically to warn me when the cat is near it as she likes to bat at the ornaments and chew them. :)

Valerie said...

Good ones, Geek Girl! I do miss cutting down the tree, eating posole in the woods, drinking hot cider, and enjoying that peaceful, pine-scented air! Ahhh. Good luck keeping Jasmine off the tree! ;)