Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Roman Holiday

My sister departed yesterday. It was sad to see her go, and two weeks whizzed by like nobody's business. Our time together was entirely too short and passed entirely too quickly. Our last few days were spent in Rome, connecting with friends...but I'll save that story for next time.

We returned from our mini-holiday in Rome to the news that the new DVD of Roman Holiday has been released! I'm so excited! I was asked to participate in the production of one of the special features on this new release, and am very thrilled to have played a small part in it, since I *love* this movie.

I'm always amazed at how many people sheepishly admit that they've never seen the film. People! Audrey Hepburn. Gregory Peck. Rome. What's not to love?

*Filmed in 1953, entirely on location in Rome
*Ranked #4 on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 greatest films in the genre "Romantic Comedy".
*Garnered Audry Hepburn an Academy Award. The film won 3 Oscars, and was nominated for 10.
*Audrey Hepburn ranks third on AFI's 50 Greatest Screen Legends (female). Gregory Peck ranks twelfth on the same list for male Legends.
*Peck met his wife Veronique, a French journalist, during a stop in Paris after filming was completed, while promoting Roman Holiday. They were married for 48 years.

If you've not seen it, go! Go now and rent, buy, or download the film! And if you happen to buy the new Centennial Collection edition, be sure to watch the special feature entitled Rome With a Princess. You'll get to see my name in lights ;)


Anonymous said...

Brava bella!

'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

I love that film. How fantastic to have been involved in the new release. Sisters are the best aren't they. amanda

claire said...

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Pauline Kenny said...

When Steve was working one week a month in New York City about 10 years ago, we stayed in the same small hotel each month. One time when we were checking in they told us that Gregory Peck and his wife had just checked out from the room we were in!

The last time we watched Roman Holiday, we were in Rome. That was the trip we did with Colleen and we used your article to hunt down many of the sites.

So, what did you have to do with the new release?

Pauline Kenny said...

I don't like this popup version of the comments form. If you click on a link (like in the comment above) it opens in this little window which you cannot enlarge. Just my opinion :)

Valerie said...

Amanda - Sisters are the best!

Claire - Uh, thanks. Though I always start with Slowtrav or the new Slow Europe to search for vacation rentals. I don't like the can or online.

Pauline - I provided photos and consulting based on the article you'd used to find the sights. I exchanged several emails and phone calls with the producer and sent him lots of pictures of the scenes. My 15 minutes of fame have finally arrived! :)

Regarding the popup comments, don't know how to change that! I have it set for "full page" rather than "pop up window" on the settings. But you know me...techno deficient.

girasoli said...

Roman Holiday is one of my favorite movies! Congratulations for making it into the new edition of the movie.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Congrats! I love that movie.

Walking around Rome you can read signs that highlight sites from famous and/or important movies shot on location.

Pauline Kenny said...

Whatever you did fixed it. I think it must be the full page setting. Thanks!

Valerie said...

Girasoli - isn't it a great movie? And thanks!

Ragazza - is that new? I've not seen signage for movie scenes there before!

Pauline - You're welcome; anything for you! ;)