Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shepherdess in Training

After Bryan's thrilling flight across the gorge at Castelmezzano, we departed utilizing a road with a newly-opened tunnel. It was not marked on the map, but we had a pretty clear idea that this route would take us to our destination much more quickly and with fewer switchbacks than the stomach-churning strada we'd used to reach the lofty mountain pinnacles. (Our intuition proved correct.)

Along the way we encounted a mixed flock of sheep and goats trotting along the narrow road. At first we didn't see the shepherd, but as we got closer we glimpsed this girl herding them along...on her bicycle. She couldn't have been more than 14 years old. She and the dogs maneuvered the flock off to the side just enough for us pass.


carol in dc said...

Oh, I just love it when *sheep* happen!!!!!

Valerie said...

Carol, so do I! There is something so timeless and peaceful about encountering sheep on the hillsides. This girl was so cute.

Enza said...

Valerie, i ame across your blog yesterday when i was reading Bleeding Espresso and now i am hooked. I started from the beginning of your journey and am working my way through. I have to mix reading your blog with housework and kids..GASP!...but i am getting there. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into Italy.

Valerie said...

Hi Enza! I am glad you came by and happy you're enjoying it. Once the kids are in bed, grab a cup of tea and hang around for a while. Don't miss the archives of my monthly chronicle at Slow Travel (link under Click Worthy on the sidebar). Come back anytime!