Friday, January 25, 2008

Siamo Tornati

Siamo Tornati - We're Back!

We arrived back in the bel paese very jet-lagged, seriously tired, and bearing a bit of vertigo from the flights, train, and car travel we endured in a 24-hour period. We turned in early, fell into a deep sleep immediately, and remained dead through the night until the new day was heralded by our noisy neighbors scraping their heavy furniture across the floor in their daily ritual of annoyance. I was rudely reminded of the reason we are going to be changing apartments. (We pick up the key today, in fact.)

We had a wonderful, albeit exhausting, time in Washington, DC and Ohio visiting family and eating every ethnic cuisine under the sun; all the things we cannot eat in Italy we enjoyed during our sojourn in America. Well, almost everything. I do draw the line at Mexican, having lived in New Mexico for twenty years I know there is nothing east of the state line that will satisfy my cravings. The only Italian meal we consumed was one I prepared while at my uncle’s house, not because I am tired of the stuff (I’m not) but a break now and then is nice, too. Besides, the plate of rogan josh with basmatic rice at CafĂ© Tandoor in Cleveland and the various Turkish samples at Zaytinya in Washington, DC offered up rich flavors of spices we cannot procure here. We also indulged in Afghan, Japanese, Chinese, and good ol’ American fare. They tasted oh-so good!

I would like to give a hearty thanks to Giorgio and Maria for keeping the pinon fires burning in my absence. I appreciate your help and really enjoyed checking in to read your stories. *applause*

I took along copious notes fully expecting to work on the Bloggers in Italy listing while hanging around the house, but my expectations were not fulfilled in the least, tiny bit. We kept way too busy and the notes remain tucked into my computer bag where they will remain for the next week while we pack up and move across town. But rest assured, it will get done soon!


bleeding espresso said...


I can just taste all that great ethnic food. Almost ;)

erin said...

welcome back! catch up on your sleep...hopefully you'll get a more restful night in your new place :)

Eryn said...

when i lived in northwest ohio we'd always go to the Tandoor Cafe in Toledo. I wonder if it's a chain in Ohio?!?!?! if so, that place is great, I love ethnic food too :-)

Maryann said...

Glad you got home safe and sound. Looking forward to future posts :)

Linda said...

Welcome back and good luck with the move. HOw exciting to be going to a new place where hopefully it is a lot quieter.