Monday, December 17, 2007

And it just kept falling

The snow continued all night Saturday and almost all day Sunday, and while it put quite a damper on the monthly antique market and Christmas arts and crafts fair, it sure did make a pretty sight.

We were invited to the hamlet of Vena Piccola, population 6, to have pranzo alla brace (cooked over the fire) with our friends. The drive up the hillside was slow going over the snow-covered roads, and we had to dodge a downed tree at one point. But once we were above Ascoli Piceno we entered a true winter wonderland. Feast your eyes. Bellissima, no?

In case you can't see clearly, those are olive trees and grapevines that are lurking under all that snow!


Lucy from Pickering and Toronto said...

It snowed here too in Toronto, Ontario Sat and Sun. We got about 25 cm and basically I spend Sunday shoveling! Tis the season...

anna l'americana said...

looks somewhat like my view here in Maine! We got 1 foot yesterday on top of what was already down.
Strange to think of these as pics from Italy (even though I used to ski the Alps as a child)!
Stay warm!

sognatrice said...

So pretty! Buone feste!