Thursday, September 27, 2007

On The Road

We are in the Motherland enjoying the hospitality, food, and laughter of la famiglia. Since I've been too busy to write any blog posts, I'll leave you with this lovely scene of Matera until we return home.


chris & erin said...

Wow! This is beautiful - where is this? I just caught up with your past posts b/c *hallelujah* we finally got DSL today :) So we're getting settled in now - and it's an adventure! We'll have to come to your side of the peninsula sometime!

Valerie said...

Erin, this is a panorama of Matera, in Basilicata. It's a gorgeous place.

Congrats! We've been here over a year and are still using a cell dial up! Life will be an adventure for a while as you get adjusted.

Kit said...

Beautiful photo with that delicate watercolour light.

I'm glad to see that the tradition of a crane on the skyline is still in full force in Italy! I think every single town I used to visit had one - a good sign though that they are prosperous enough to be able to restore the centro storico

Valerie said...

Kit, thanks! Those clouds were skirting so quickly across the sky I swear I thought they'd come out blurry! Bryan says that the national bird of Italy is the Crane! :))