Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jessica and Jonathan

Some time ago I received comments on my blog from Jessica and clicked through to see her writings over at her blog, In Search of Dessert. I liked her outlook and writing style and added it to my bookmarked list. She seemed like the kind of gal I’d have a lot in common with, so when she sent an email to say she and her guy Jonathan would be in Marche, I quickly responded and looked forward to the visit.

They arrived Tuesday afternoon and we met up in the blistering sun in the expansive Piazza Arringo. Turns out, Jonathan is even more of a caffe addict than Bryan, so I knew the boys would get along well. We wandered around the centro, stopping for various caffeine fuel-ups while showing them the centro storico…probably more than they wanted to see in the heat, but we amiably chatted nonstop during the trek.

Jessica is every bit as sweet and outgoing as I’d imagined she’d be and I loved hearing about her move to Switzerland. We shared the common experience of trying to get comfortable learning and functioning in a foreign language as well as the common struggle of dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome. Jonathan is soft-spoken and charming, adventurous and interested in other cultures. He is from Switzerland and has that cute French-accent English when he speaks. Together they are una bella coppia (a cute couple).

He’s also an IT guy and designed Jessica’s blog as well as her new project, a joint effort with fellow bloggette (another one on my Bloggers I’d Like To Meet List), Shelley in Rome, to exchange English language books among expats around Europe. Together they’re bringing books to us desperate souls who love to read (something that will be especially helpful to those of us whose shipments of books never arrived).

We enjoyed a nice dinner together in a little hole-in-the-wall place we love because Jessica specifically wanted to experience the oral menu that is so common around here. While the atmosphere is not exactly “quaint,” the food is always good and so inexpensive it left Jonathan gaping, and we followed it up with tastings of the famed Anisetta at Caffe Meletti.

It was a pleasurable day and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. If you’re an expat in Europe, be sure to check out the Sisterhood of the Traveling Books website! Readers Without Borders also provides a forum to post and read book reviews, so it has much to offer even if you’re not living in Europe.


sognatrice said...

How fun! I love blogger meet-ups! I have signed up for the Sisterhood, and I'm looking forward to getting some books listed...just have to go through them all first :)

Valerie said...

It was fun! It was my first *true* blogger meet up, for while I've met other people who blog, I'd "known" them from other forums or through friends. Can't wait to see your booklist!

Texas Espresso said...

Cool! I like her blog too and am signed up for the Sisterhood. 2 of my books are already out in circulation! It was a great idea and I am so glad yall had a good time. I am looking forward to blogger hook ups one day too!

Valerie said...

I need to join! My connection has been too slow to do much. I have to come to the wi-fi spot for speed. Hope to meet up with you one day!