Monday, May 14, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm often asked what I love about Italy. I have to say, it's not one or two main things, it's the myriad little things that make living here (or traveling here) a wonderful experience and that maintain our devotion. It's always the simple pleasures that make life the sweetest, so I'll be adding a new regular feature to the blog to show you some of my favorite things about life here in the old country.

First up -


At the classy Caffe Meletti, they give you tasty little cookies with your coffee!

I may never be able to order a cappuccino in America again! Here we get a nice cuppa with just the right ratio of espresso, milk and froth. The foam isn't four inches thick on top nor so dense the espresso can't penetrate it. It's just-right creamy and my favored way to start the day. It's also always served in *real* cups...never in paper or styrofoam, meaning it is great-tasting as well as being environemental friendly.

2007 Valerie Schneider


sognatrice said...

Hmm...not sure if my comment went through or not, but the point is that I'm completely with you on this one :)

Janie said...

Valerie-I totally agree! Every morning when I make my cappuccino I dream of those I've had in Italy.

J.Doe said...

I don't know about the cappuccino being environmentally friendly since they have to use water and electricity to clean the real cups, but most cappuccinos in Italy are much better than those in the US. All are 100 percent better if you think of the Starbucks burnt brew.

Stelle in Italia said...

ooh, i love the caffe Meletti! that's a loving looking cappuccino!

Valerie said...

Janie - that's how Bryan was after every trip. He finally broke down and bought an espresso machine, which my sister is now enjoying immensely :)

J. - I know, there's also *some* kind of environmental impact on everything we consume. But at least it's not adding to the mountains of landfills with paper and styrofoam cups. ;) I wrote about the Starbuck's Burnt Brew a while back. Swill!

Stelle, Meletti is celebrating 100 years this weekend! They're having a grand party in the piazza all night long. It's such a pretty place, Meletti.