Sunday, March 25, 2007

Meaty Mail Call

After writing about how I cause immeasurable angst to my poor butcher who cannot figure out what it is I am doing with his carefully-selected and hand-cut meats, I received an email from Anna Noble, who directed me to the meat pages in the Silver Spoon Cookbook. This is the hard-hitting, heavy-weight Bible of Italian cookery that is now available in an English translation. The 1264 pages are packed full of 2000 recipes. I happen to own this book, but because we were already over the weight and luggage restrictions when we departed for the bel paese, we left the meaty tome tucked away safely in storage. Too bad, because Anna pointed out that there are illustrations providing Italian meat cuts diagrammed from the parts of the animal with corresponding diagrams of cuts in the English system. Would have been helpful to have, I thought. Anna to the rescue! She speedily copied the pages and mailed them to me posthaste, which is amazing given the Italian Postal System.

Thanks, Anna; what a gal! So, if anyone out there is looking for this important information, you can access it in that very helpful volume. Trust me, your butcher will be eternally grateful. I know mine is.

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