Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Grand Opening Event!

Today is Bryan’s Grand Opening! He launched his new website and venture, Italy Property Preview, a service providing unbiased detailed inspection reports of homes for prospective English-speaking buyers. If you’ve ever tried an online search for property in Italy, you’ve probably had the same questions we’ve had when looking at those blurbs…what’s the catch, is there something seriously wrong with the place?

Enter Bryan. He’s well-trained for this kind of business…he spent sixteen years inspecting homes as a Claims Analyst for Safeco Insurance. He’s seen it all – hail damage, water leaks, fires, trees falling on roofs, mold problems and more. He worked for a month in California following the massive Northridge Earthquake, and more than a year assisting several families after the devastating Cerro Grande fires in Los Alamos, who lost absolutely everything they owned.

Bryan walks into a house and notices things no one else sees. When he visited Giorgio and Francesca’s apartment in Rome he stated, “ah you’ve had an electrical fire”. He saw the tell-tale though minute mark of black around a ceiling light fixture. He notices hail damage on roofs, stability problems with foundations, and poorly-repaired big-deal damage. In short, he’s got an eye for detail. This kind of work is perfect for him.

He won’t be working as a real estate agent, but as an advocate for the buyers, helping them narrow the field of options before they come on their house-hunting trips, or giving a good look-over of a property they are seriously considering purchasing. He will be the guy who will tell them the truth.

So if you are in the market or know someone who is, send them over to Bryan’s new site, Italy Property Preview.


Diane said...

What a great business venture for Brian - "the guy with the eye!!"

Mitchell Burgen said...

There many reviews of property in Italy and it is difficult for anyone to be unbiased a friend of mine bought a Calabria property but it was a biased pitch and still he bought, he is however very happy with the area and the home he bought.