Thursday, June 16, 2005

Critter Update

Because several people have inquired after the wildlife, I want to reassure you that - to our surprise - they have continued to visit. The baby quail are growing very quickly and seem unimpressed and nonplussed by the racket and earth-shaking going on next door. Yesterday morning they came despite the huge front-end loader. The mama seemed a bit nervous and kept a vigilant eye, but the chicks hopped happily about eating ants. We were able to witness their flight lessons. Mama flew up onto the wooden frame surrounding the compost and bid her birdies to follow. She half-flew/half-jumped and the chicks followed, some more reluctantly than others.

Quail chicks in the garden. Yes, I know they're hard to see with the gray stone.

The bunnies, too, are still habitually hopping by to see us (or rather, for us to see them). We actually seem to have more bunnies than before and we think that their habitat was destroyed when the sage was torn out next door. Suddenly instead of just three, we've been seeing five, and there seems to be a bit of a territorial issue going on. One will be at the water dish or munching carrot trimmings when another will hop down the path. The first one jumps, slicks back his ears, and chases the intruder off. Then another one comes and scares of the first bunny. We have been amused and entertained by them.

So yes, the critters continue to be as amusing as ever. And the construction next door continues to be as loud and obnoxious as ever. But that's another story.

Rabbit reposing on the pathway, with another bunny in the background.

Chicks and mama quail, with a bunny at the water dish (darn that gray stone!)


Geek Girl said...

I love the bunny laying on the path - how cute is that. I am just glad they didn't all run when the obnoxious digging started.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the pics! Makes me feel like I'm really there,...oh, but then again, I am!!! I live in and love the New Mexico wild life, it's neat to be so close to nature!