Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Dreaded Blank Page

The first sentence is always the hardest to write. I have been staring at the blank page trying to figure out how to start my blog off with a bang. Alas, no bang, just a few blips on the computer keyboard instead.

I decided to start a blog as a sort of catch-all for my various writings, some travel-related, some reminiscences, others just random thoughts, scattered about on my desk, on my word processing program, and scrawled quickly in a notebook. Some may not make into the blog at all, but I figured organizing them into one place would be more efficient, and may help me to be more methodical or diligent in my writing. It may even be the mother of inspiration from which great articles will flow. Lofty goals for a new year!

So, I am sure that I will face many more blank pages. But that’s a good thing. Right?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

From a blank page, inspiration indeed!

Keep on filling those blank pages!