Saturday, March 21, 2009

Benvenuti Primavera

Yesterday ushered in Spring but apparently the calendar forgot to inform the clouds. While it turned windy and cooler with some rain here in Cilento, our drive into Basilicata transported us back to winter. In Brienza we were welcomed with about two inches of the white stuff. Follow lunch, we exited the agriturismo to find fluffy flakes falling steadily.

What a far cry from just a few days ago when we explored Amalfi and sat outside jacketless, enjoying lemonade and conversation with Laura (who is just as smart and sweet as you'd expect from reading her blog). After the rollicking ride along the infamous, twisty road, we found bright lemons the size of melons and the air profumed with an intoxicating blend of citrus, flowers, and sea air. While wandering the stepped streets we saw dozens of people enjoying gelato, taking in the sun, and even saw one woman swimming (obviously not Italian!), and thought surely Spring had settled in.

So while the calendar says Spring, the wind and cold tell of a different season and my winter coat is not being relinquished quite yet.


Laura said...

Ciao Valerie! You are very sweet! It was absolutely lovely to spend the morning with you and Bryan last week. I only wish the good conversation, the warm sun and lemonades could have lasted longer! (There is snow on the tops of the mountains here this morning. Brr!!) You two look great in that photo! Glad you enjoyed your day on the Amalfi Coast. I hope we can meet again soon!

Saretta said...

Hang in there! The cold can't last forever!

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Lovely post, Valerie thank you. I've started another blog, and this time it's restaurant reviews. In Italian, for a different scope of readers, but since you're now offically 'una donna del sud,' head on over. Ciao!