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Bloggers In Italy - Region by Region

Bloggers In Italy - Region by Region
If you have (or know of) a blogger residing in Italy, shoot me an email so I can add it to the list!


The Flavors of Abruzzo. Mary in Palmioli (Chieti province)
An American living in Italy enjoying the sights, sounds, and flavors of Abruzzo.


Il Terrazzo Italiano.  Doug and Di in Calabria
An American couple and a dog move to a village in beautiful Calabria.

Bleeding Espresso. Michelle in Badolato
An American girl moves to her family's ancestral village in southern Italy, falls in love, gets a dog (edit: two!), writes to her heart's content, and begins bleeding espresso. No, really.

My Bella Vita. Cherrye in Catanzaro.
Texan turned innkeeper tells about life in sunny, southern Italia.


Niente di Nuovo Sotto il Cielo. KC in Campania.
A 30-something American falls in love with a tall, dark Italian and decides to follow her heart for the very first time.

South of Rome. Karen Landes in Santa Maria Capua Vetere. (Karen returned to the US in August, 2009)
Cookbook author, mother and Italophile dispels the myth that "there is nothing south of Rome".

Finding Italy. Dominique in Napoli.
28-year old optimist experiencing life through rose-colored glasses in Naples.

Living In The Boot. Amanda in Napoli.
Food, travel, cooking, children, books, and more from a military wife in Naples.

Ciao Amalfi. Laura on the Amalfi Coast.
Sharing the beauty, history, tradition, and way of life on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast.

Reboot: A New Life in Italy. Cynthia Rae in Ravenna
The adventures of an American girl who quits her job, packs her cats, and heads to Italy to "restart" life.

Cat Naps in Italy. Opus and Roscoe.
A pair of short-haired domestic felines who moved to a small Italian town and spend their sunny afternoons on the terrace.


Under an Olive Tree. Diane in Veroli near Frosinone.
So what do you *do* all day? The blog by a New York suburbanite answers that question.


Cross Cultural Moments. Elizabeth Abbott
Through cross-cultural moments, we not only learn about another culture, but also finally understand something of our own.

Soliloquy in an International Cloister. Brother Lawrence in Rome
Brother Lawrence gives you a peek into the inner workings of a male religious order’s international headquarters. It’s like an upskirt with habits.

I Heart Rome? Romerican in Rome.
"Not for the faint of heart." Life in Rome when the honeymoon is over.

Stranitalia. Sari Gilbert in Rome.
Reports in English and Italian on strange happenings and political affairs around Italy.

Burnt by the Tuscan Sun. Francesca Maggi writing from Rome.
The true story of living in Italy.

From Australia to Italy. Leanne in Rome.
Australian girl re-emigrates back to the country her family left behind.

NYC/Caribbean Ragazza. A Ragazza in Rome.
A former Hollywood film exec turned broke writer moves to Rome.

2 Kids and a Dog.  Mom, Dad, kids and pup in Rome.
Take one American Mom, a Sicilian husband.  Add 2 kids and a dog and a video camera and this is the funny result you get.


Bella Vita Italiana. Megan in Lerici.
American girl marries Italian boyh and settles in a Ligurian seaside village.

An Expatriate in Rapallo. Louise in Liguria.
The title sums it up.


Suitcase Contents. Beatriz in Azzate Varese
Notes about culture shock, language mutation, carried baggage, and all things nomadic.

My Life in Italy. Ann in Busto Arsizio near Milano.
An American from Sioux Falls, SD blogs about life and her love/hate relationship with Italy.


Ms. Adventures in Italy. by Sara
Food, Recipes and Travel in the Bel Paese and beyond

MichellaneaRandom thoughts of an American journalist on life in Italy and reflections on America as seen from abroad.


2 ITALY. Bryan in Ascoli Piceno.
The 2 of us fulfilling our dream by moving 2 Italy. (My husband's blog on everyday life.)

NM 2 Italia. Bryan in Ascoli Piceno.
Bryan's photo blog comparing and contrasting the scenery and cultures of New Mexico and Italy.

La Tavola Marche. Ashley and Jason in Sant'Angelo in Vado.
Crazy stories, pictures, recipes and all things Italian.


Bella Baita View. Pasticcera in Pinasca.
Tales of a pastry chef living "off the beaten path" in Italian Alps.


Jeff in Puglia. Jeff in Brindisi.
The chronicles of a crazy midwestern guy's life on the heel of Italy.

Rambles With Reese.  Reese in Puglia.
Diving into the deep end.  Live. Love. Create. Inspire. Awaken. Engage.


How To Italy. Emma Bird in Costa Smeralda
Everything you need to know about living and working in the Bel Paese.


Via Ritiro n. 7 Diary. Katie and Ronald in Ispica.
Diary about the food, wine, culture, architecture and people of Southeast Sicily.

Lost in Sicilia.
Getting a life in Sicily *and* having fun with a toddler.

Sicilian Simplicity. Jill in Sicilia.
Enjoying the simple pleasures of Sicily between Mount Etna and the Mediterranean.

Baroque Sicily.  Jann Huizenga in Ragusa Ibla.
Living in Southeast Sicily.  (A fellow New Mexican in Italy!  Hola.) 


Eurobimbo’s Journey to Enlightenment. Tania von Barkenhagen in Cortona
The continuing adventures and misadventures of a couple who left behind their fast, past life and moved to southern Tuscany.

Have Dogs, Will Travel. Robyn Sinclair in Castiglion Fiorentino
Two Australians enjoying a new life cooking and painting in Tuscany.

Friends and Family in Italy. Martha and Ben in the heart of Tuscany.
Read about the ordinary things in an extraordinary setting.


Living in Florence. Melinda Gallo
My days of living, adapting, enjoying, working, and thriving in Florence.

Art by Kelly. Kelly Borsheim in Florence.
A sculptor's blog about art and life in Florence.

Olio di Oliva e Sogni di Vino Katie in Florence
Katie is always exploring the ancient cobblestones of Florence, one step at a time.

Art & Barb Live in Italy. Barbara in San Venanzo
What started as a chronicle of our move to Italy, the blog now also includes recipes and random thoughts.

A Tuscan View…from Umbria. Amanda and Julian Hyzler in Chiusi
An optimistic blog about our move to Italy, renovating our house and starting a painting holiday business - art, food and angle-grinding...

Think On It. Judith Greenwood in Citta di Castello
Food, fashion and life in Italy


Italian Simplicity. Anne in Verona.
A food blog about things in Italy and the simple, delicious foods the country has to offer.

An American in Padua. Irene in Padova.
Colorful thoughts about Italy and her adopted city from a decade-long expat.


Living Venice. Nan in Venezia.
Broad strokes, instructions, and the occasional rant by author and Venice inhabitant, Nan McElroy.


erin said...

Grazie Valerie for getting this list together. There are a couple new ones I'm going to have to check out!

Have a WONDERFUL time in the states! Hopefully we'll see you when you get back!

Judith in Umbria said...

Must have been the season that kept so many great Italy bloggers from finding you and going for the chocolove.
Thanks for doing this. I hope everyone will come by and see me.
Judith in Umbria

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Yes thanks for the list--some new to me as well :)

I think Giusi is right; the holidays must've kept some expats from finding you and I know of at least one here in Calabria with me (Cherrye of My Bella Vita).

Oh and thanks again to Bryan ;)

Anonymous said...

Valerie, just thought you'd like to know that there is an error in the link for the Flavors of Abruzzo blog. When I click on it I get an error message ("webpage not found")

The URL I get when I click on your link is:

I believe the correct URL is:

Bryan said...

sognatrice - The drawing was your lucky day: I closed my eyes, covered them with my hand and looked the other way when drawing.
As far as the chocolates Valerie picked I only took a bite out of one or two before they were mailed.

Valerie said...

Erin - prego and it was a pleasure. Just let us know when you're coming! We're looking forward to seeing you.

Giusi - I know, my timing wasn't stellar and everyone was busy and/or traveling. Live and learn.

Sognatrice - at least the odds were increased for you to win the chocolate with fewer competitors ;)

Mary - thanks for letting me know. I fixed the link.

Bryan - I thought you just stuck your finger in them to see what the fillings were?

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Bryan, you shouldn't have said anything--I just would've blamed Poste Italiane ;)

Valerie, very true...I like the way you think ;)

Jill said...

I am always looking for bloggers in my area! Thanks for the list!!

Bella Baita Marla said...

Hi Valerie, I sent you an entry twice but never heard back from you, perhaps it went into your spam file. I'm an expat that writes a blog about living in the Italian alps in Piemonte.

Bella Baita Marla said...

Thank you Valerie, it seems you found me.Nice to be in such good company!

Anonymous said...


I KNEW you were all out there somewhere... ;)

Brava, Valerie, and keep on bloggin'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie!

We're a pretty recent addition to bloggers in Venice. Here's our blog site: it's The Venice Experience , we're Karen and Mike Henderson- moved here from Baltimore, Md.

Loved finding your site also.

Barbara said...

When you have a second could you please update my blog address? the new site is:


Valerie said...

Barbara - Done!

DominiqueH said...
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DominiqueH said...

Just found your wonderful site! Thank you for the great list of bloggers! I always love reading about other's adventures. My own site is:

I'm a travel with kids, experiencing the Euro life-style, photographer/videographer living in Napoli kind of blogger. Stop by and check it out!!

Amanda said...

Also just found your site and look forward to looking at these blogs. Mine is

Food, travel, cooking, children, books, and more from a military wife stationed in Naples, Italy

Valerie said...

Domonique and Amanda - I've added your blogs to the list. Thanks for telling me about them!

Il Terrazzo Italiano said...

Hi Valerie.

Love this list, it's so helpful to find like minded folks or not (learning material!).

I'd love it if you could add our blog under Calabria. Di

Anne Dye said...

We would love to be added to your list...

We live in the Abruzzo region and we blog here-

Anonymous said...

I was very happy to stumble on your list of Italin Bloggers... I am looking forward to exploring in the coming weeks.

If you would like to add my Blog to your list, It can be found at:
I am blogging from Garlenda in Liguria.

Thankyou : )